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Over the span of 40 years, ShinRong has passed down its aquaculture production techniques to its 2nd generation. Originating from Yunlin Kouhu fish farm, the Founder spent his childhood working with his father in aquaculture. Since 1997, their business operation includes wholesale of marine products and simple marine product proccessing. To enhance product quality and to gain competitive edge, ShinRong was founded in 2000, with the ocean’s sustainability in mind. ShinRong has a complete selection of raw materials, manufacturing process, innovative product development and sales channel system; with research development in shellfish, shrimp, mollusca, fish and other varieties of marine products. From fish farming to safe manufacture, production site to a savory dish, we at ShinRong are determined to provide consumers with high quality produce.
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Higher Value for Fish.

Determination, Devotion and Commitment are the 3 values passed down from ShinRong’s previous generation. We are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining quality. In addition to having our own fish farm, we are also in partnership with local fish farmers to building a quality management system that ensure supreme management from production source. Apart from local expertise in marine farming, ShinRong is devoted to promoting Taiwan’s fishing industry to international waters. By relying on our refined production process, quality control, we are able to ship our products both domestically and abroad, to the USA, Japan and China. As a brand for oriental marine produce, we focus on environmental issues and are dedicated to the sustainability of the sea. We are commited to ensure that the produce we provide for our consumers is safe and of high quality. As experts who combine reliability with innovation, we offer our clients and consumers only the best of marine products.